About Us

The Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide emerging businesses and organization’s the resources that will enable them to realize high levels of success through strategic and organized planning, ultimately impacting the community in which they operate.

Strategic Preliminary Consultation Service

The Jefferson Capital Group wants to ensure that the needs of your business or organization are clearly identified before beginning to provide the solutions that will empower your success. To do so we employ strategic and methodical planning techniques that allow us to extract the important details concerning the present status and potential advances of your business or organization. These systematic planning techniques referred to as the BSP and BNA, are designed to intentionally establish the foundation upon which your success will be built.

BSP-(Business Start up Profile): Provides an assessment of the businesses or organizations capacity to begin operation activity while identifying unrealized opportunities and providing technical and strategic recommendations as solutions.

BNA-(Business Needs Analysis): Provides a detailed S.W.O.T. analysis and recommendations specific to the vital key drivers related to the industry and market of the business.