About Us

Jefferson Capital Group provides capital solutions for automotive buy-here, pay-here dealers, captive finance, point of sale and independent sub-prime auto finance companies.  Our bulk purchasing program will offer cash in exchange for auto notes from captive auto finance businesses that have reached their limit on active lines of credit, want to reduce risk exposure or need increased cash flow to purchase inventory.  Partners of Jefferson Capital Group will experience the following benefits from our program:

  • Pay down existing lines of credit to increase inventory or meet normal operating expenses
  • Reduce cost of collection and repossession overhead while creating immediate cash flow
  • Minimize risk of auto loan write-offs or losses
  • Fast funding
  • Increase profits fast
  • Experience superior service with dedicated relationship manager for all transaction activities
  • Have a long-term, reliable partnership for capital solutions
  • Seamless transaction for your customers
  • No portfolio size limit
  • No vehicle year, make, model, mileage restrictions (all vehicles considered)

For a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote on how much cash you can receive contact us today! Toll Free: 1-844-553-1946