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Jefferson Capital Group, LLC
P.O. Box 450803
Atlanta, Georgia 31145-9998
Phone: 404-524-7084
Fax: 404-759-0619

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Welcome to Jefferson Capital Group

The Jefferson Capital Group is focused on empowering the visions of inspired entrepreneurs and humanitarians that are committed to the success of their businesses and organizations.   Our goal is simple, we transform visions into reality.  It is through the skills acquired and developed from the combination of advanced education and professional experience that allow the Jefferson Capital Group to remain successful in the results for each of our clients.

While there is no way to guarantee success, the primary objective of the Jefferson Capital Group is that we provide the service of knowledge that will ultimately enhance the chances for success.




Business Startup: Guiding businesses and organizations from the inception process of entrepreneurial or humanitarian ideas into establishing sound foundations for successful growth and profitability. Business... 



Business and Management Consulting:  Helping businesses and organizations improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing business challenges and development of plans for improvement. Training Technology... 



Business Growth and Development: Providing comprehensive business growth strategies through business coaching that enhances business development, financial management and growth profitability. Organizational... 

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Business Accounting and Financial Services Helping business and organizations develop both policies and procedures to streamline the accounting process, in an effort to increase the overall efficiency...